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Brooklyn Art Haus
Théâtres de la Ville du Luxembourg
Present a SMPL MCHN production of


LONE WOLF is an wild and absurd narrative that chronicles a series of interconnected events to reveal a "lone wolf." Within this immersive space, the audience is taken on a rollercoaster of interconnected cultural challenges that confront our modern age. Spoken in gibberish and accompanied by live foley, this force of movement theater is the latest collaboration between international artistic duo Isaac Bush and Anne Simon. Get ready to come face to face with the enemy... they may be closer than they appear.


Created by Isaac Bush & Anne Simon
Devised by The Players

The Players:

Caroline Burkhart, Zachary Denison, Eureka

Nakano Grimes, Kidane Kelati, Ryan Pater


Foley & Music by Nathan Repasz
Vocal Direction by Anthime Miller
Lighting & Scenic Design by Katy Atwell
Costume Design by Gina Ruiz
Graphic Design by J Freeman Robinson


Stage Management by Sierra Hoss
Movement Direction by Isaac Bush
Directed by Anne Simon


Performances June 6,7,8 at 7:30pm; June 9 at 2pm; June 13,14,15 at 7:30pm; June 16 at 2pm.


Live Streaming tickets available for June 15th at 7:30pm


Visit and for more information, and follow us on Instagram @smpl.mchn and @bk_arthaus

"We are all survivors"
BOJ (The Book of Job) - the journey of a man named after a prominent biblical figure and the parallels he discovered through surviving a stroke. What originated as a one-man-play meant to premiere Summer 2020 in the NY Theatre Festival evolved into this short film as theaters closed down around the world due to the pandemic.
Written and performed by Job Ethan Christenson
Produced by BOJOB Productions and SMPL MCHN
Photography, edit and sound design by Nate Irvin
Directed by Isaac Bush

A new jungle on the streets of brooklyn

SMPL MCHN premieres an adaptation of In The Jungle of Cities by Bertolt Brecht within the heart of the East Williamsburg Warehouse District. A raw and innovative approach to this epic narrative finds new life within the confines of a lumber yard. Race, gender struggle, and social warfare bleed across the pavement as you, our audience, immerse yourself within a powerful production for our collective time and place.


insta squares cast.jpg

Featuring Dennis Wit, Burgandy Williams, Gregory Warren, Melle Phillips, Kelsey Godfrey, and Teisha Duncan

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